Infrastructure as Code

von Bruno Devic | 29. Oktober 2014


Infrastructure as Code is one of the important cornerstones of continuous delivery. The concept that infrastructure should be treated as code is really powerful. Server configuration, services, installed packages, relationships with other servers etc...should be modeled as code to be automated and have a predictable outcome, removing manual steps prone to errors and decreasing the cycle time.

Spinning up a new virtual environment or a new version of the environment then becomes a matter of executing a script that can create and provision an image or set of images – from the barebone operating system to the complete application stack installed and configured.

This concept is increasingly important today when the number of environments and their instances has gone up by orders of magnitudes and the release frequency has moved from monthly to weekly or even daily releases.

In this session we will showcase a few popular tools used to implement this concept: Vagrant, Puppet and Docker.


Datum: 29. Oktober 2014, 19:00 Uhr

Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz
Obermarkt 17
02826 Görlitz

Die Veranstaltung wird durch die Java User Group Görlitz (im iJUG Verband) organisiert.
Die Java User Group Görlitz ist ein Projekt des Digitale Oberlausitz e.V.